Mel M. Andre

Speaker | Consultant | Coach

Oceanside, California 


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ceo women's business summit

Hosted by Sohaila Handelsman

Speaker Mel M. Andre 

About the

ceo women's business summit

In the CEO Women’s’ Business Summit, we have brought together some of today’s most interesting & significant influencers in empowerment – for the body, mind, and business, showcasing strong women, and a few exceptional men, from all over, who are doing wonderful, healing, transformational work in all of the areas that seem to get us bogged down in actual negativity: shame stories, self-sabotage, body image issues, and a lack of love for our true self. 

We will share with you some simple secrets for living your most authentic, vibrant, healthy, magical, sensual, spiritual and POSITIVE life for success!

No matter where you are right now, I can assure you that the answers you are looking for will be right here at the CEO Women’s Business Summit.

Don’t miss this chance to join in on this empowering movement for all women to reclaim their inner wisdom.


  • Pass for 3 full days for Summit

  • Valet Parking

  • General Entrance

  • General Seating

  • CEO Workbook

  • Lunch Included


At The CEO Women’s Business Summit you will:



  • ★ Hear from and meet some of the most successful entrepreneurs in business sharing their wisdom and teaching you powerful tips to succeed thru your  body, mind and in business.

  • ★ Sit with fellow business leaders you can talk to about the issues you’re facing

  • ★ Connect and network with some of the most accomplished business entrepreneurs in the space

  • ★ Dive deep and have raw conversations about topics to uplift your self esteem, your confidence and have massive success in your business.

  • ★ Developing yourself as an authentic, conscious leader in the workplace

  • ★ Bringing more purpose into your life and have massive transformation

  • ★ Goal setting for massive success.

  • ★ Best practices for raising your business for success.

  • ★ Managing the stress of work-life integration

  • ★ Scaling your company while staying true to your values and integrity.

  • ★ Enjoy freshly made, nutritious lunches by world class Chef Deborah Scott.

  • ★ Have time for YOU, because you are worth it!

The Speakers