Confidence Coaching 



Motivating, Educating & Empowering you to live your best life 
Mel believes when people need to change their life they should have access to a road map & a guide to lead them to their new destination
Mel uses INLP style coaching to help you become a confident you.
Mel Andre
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This 5-day course is designed to help you build your confidence! Mel Andre teaches key tools that you need to not only boost your confidence but also build true intrinsic confidence.

👉 Set Boundaries 

👉 Develop a Confident Mindset

👉Learn to stay Confident During Good Times & Bad

👉Build Your Self-Worth 

👉Live A Successful Life 

 👉Have A Voice 

 👉Speak Your Truth 


7-Week Building Confidence Course

Coming Soon

Building Your Confidence is a 7-Week course designed to help you develop true unshakable confidence. This course helps you dig deep to find the confidence that everyone has buried deep inside themselves.

It's Time To:

 👉Stop Making Excuses 

 👉Overcome Your Insecurities 

 👉Start Setting Boundaries 

 👉Live A Successful Life 

 👉Have A Voice 

 👉Speak Your Truth 

 👉Stand Up For What You Believe In 

 👉Have Faith In Yourself 

 👉Know Your Self Worth 

 👉Build Your Self Esteem

It’s time to be confident you 


It’s time to live the life you want to live 


Without Fear


Without Doubts 


Without Insecurities 


You can be the CONFIDENT person you always wanted to be 


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