Be Unstoppable! Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Consultants, Author and Life Coach Mel M. Andre shares her story of overcoming obstacles. During her struggles, she learned several techniques that helped her reach the success that she was searching for. While it took Mel several years to learn this blueprint, she has created a 30-day blueprint to help you on your success journey.

Before Mel started her first company she was in an abusive relationship, working 2 dead-end jobs and struggling to find her success. She knew she wanted more out of life and was determined to find a way to achieve it.

With dedication, hard work and smart practices Mel overcame the obstacles in her life and figured out the blueprint to make her Unstoppable.

No matter what obstacles are in your path, no matter what you are dealing with, you have the ability to accomplish the goals you set out to accomplish.

In this book Mel shares stories of the obstacles she has faced, including an abusive relationship, a year of hell, and moving across country alone. After every story, there is a guide to help you overcome the obstacles in your life and help you succeed in life and business in the midst of life's chaos!

Everyone has obstacles in their live. Some obstacles are small while others are large. Thought? How We Deal With The Obstacles In Our Lives, explores how people overcame the obstacles in their lives or how they are currently working towards overcoming obstacles. In This Book each author shares their own personal journey. The authors show how they dealt with their fear, with abuse, with toxic relationships and with addiction. Thoughts? How We Deal With The Obstacles In Our Lives is here to Motivate, Help and Inspire you to Deal With The Obstacles In Your Life.

Featuring stories from Sohaila Handlesman, Leisha Olesch, Cynthia "Salonista" Kosciuczyk, Sylvia Chavez, Sarah Smith, Mary Hamer, Dominic Cruz, Jillian Christy, Cedreka Louis Bagget, Matt Turner, Jennifer Meim, Anna Rendon-Morris, Ren the Zen & Marie Claire Killick.

What is Family? "Thoughts: Finding Family" explores what family means. Some people come back home after searching for what was right in front of them, others find their family in the most unexpected places. During Covid, many people had to figure out what family meant to them or they had to change the dynamics of their family life.

In "Thoughts: Finding Family" We hear from contributing authors who share their journey in finding their families.