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about MEL

Several years ago Mel hit rock bottom and lost everything she had worked so hard to obtain. Mel decided that she would no longer be the victim and decided to completely change her life around. 

Through the power of motivations, education & empowerment Mel was able to turn her life around in a few months. During those few months, Mel decided to work on her business full time while also working on herself. She knew in order to become successful and stay successful she would have to make drastic lifestyle changes. These changes allowed her companies to take off in ways she could only imagine. 
While Mel's success grew she started mentoring her friends and family. This led Mel to discover her new passion, which is motivating and inspiring people to accomplish their goals and dreams.

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Mel is a passionate motivational speaker who is able to engage with the audience while delivering a positive and informative message. Mel's speeches focus on Motivation, Education & Empowerment

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Motivating, Educating and Empowering you to so you can be the most confident you ever 

Mel believes when people need to change their life they should have access to a road map & a guide to lead them to their new destination. Mel is here to give you the road map to a more confident you! 

Business Consultanting

Motivating, Educating and Empowering Start-up and Entrepreneurs to create their dream company. 

Mel works with entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of starting their company. She helps them brand themselves, launch their company and land their first clients & contracts 

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