Mel M. Andre

Speaker | Consultant | Coach

Oceanside, California 


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Life Coaching 



Motivating, Educating & Empowering you to live your best life 
Mel believes when people need to change their life they should have access to a road map & a guide to lead them to their new destination
Mel uses INLP style life coaching to help you get to your new destination. She helps you discover the changes you need to make in order to get the success that you want. 
She is here to help motivate you to overcome the obstacles in your life, Educate you on ways to make the change & Empowering you to follow through with the changes.












Virtual Life


1. Session $200

4 Sessions $600

Mel's life coaching program is here to help you rediscover what is really important to you. Life Coaching is really focused on self-discovery. As a coach, I am here to help guide you through your journey and to help you reach the positive results you are searching for.

Once you are able to shift your perspective or have a paradigm shift the next phase is formulating a plan to help you reach your goals.

Break Glass Ceiling Coaching Program

The Break Glass Ceiling Coaching Program is a 12 month program designed to help women break through the glass ceiling.  The glass ceiling is an invisible barrier that hinders woman from rising up  to leadership positions. This program is for women who want to further their career, start their own business or who want to become mangers.

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Coaching is a incredible tool to help you further your career or build your business. In this program Mel provides  you with 3 different types of coaching. 

The Full Life Coaching Session: 

With the Full Life Coaching Sessions you have the opportunity to speak with Mel virtually for 1 hour. During this time Mel with help you with the issues you are facing, help you come up with a plan for your future and guide you along the path to success. 

Mini Coaching Sessions 

The Mini Coaching Sessions are 30 minute sessions that are focused on holding you accountable, helping you with specific issues and ensuring that you are completing your homework assignments (that were assigned during the full coaching sessions) 

Group Coaching Sessions

Group Coaching or Masterminding is the opportunity to build your plan with your tribe. With group coaching Mel helps you with your plan and goals in a virtual group meeting. You will have the opportunity to hear from other women who have similar goals and we can work together to start working towards those goals. 



Spend the day Masterminding with Mel (Group Session) . You will have the entire day to speak with Mel In person. Lunch will be provided while you and the rest of the group will discuss issues and come up with solutions to help you break the glass ceiling. 

Lunch will be provided 

Home Study Guides

Take Home Course are classes that you take at home at your own pace 


The Seminar/Webinars are live classes where you can learn the Skills needed to help you in business . You will also have access to the live webinar or you can watch the recording. 


Confidence is important in your personal life and in your business life. Some people are naturally talented while others are need help to build their confidence. This class will give you the tools needed to build your confidence. When you start building your confidence you will find that going after your dream job, asking investors for money or asking for a raise becomes easier. 

Mental Toughness 

Mental Toughness is the quality or trait of all champions. It is the ability to keep going no matter what obstacles you face in your  life. It is the ability to push past failure, learn the lessons and reach the success that you want. During this class you will learn how to develop mental toughness.


Great mangers, great business owners, great executives  and great deans all have the ability to lead their team to success. Great leaders have the ability to motivate their team, they are able to foster an environment of innovation and they can guide their team towards success 

Learn they skills that can make you a great leader. 


Negotiating is an art that everyone should master. Whether it is negotiating your salary, a business deal or which restaurant you would like to go to for dinner  negotiation is a skill that you can apply to every aspect of your life. 

Learn the skills needed to master the art of negotiation.

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